Friday, April 6, 2018

What I Can't Live Without!

A few weeks ago, I received Fossils latest hybrid watch. Lemme be the first to say, I am in love with it! This post isn't sponsored, I simply just want to share my love for this beautiful, rose gold watch! I never leave the house without wearing a watch (even if the battery needs to be replaced!) I always feel somewhat naked if I walk out the door without one on!

  By no means do I consider myself a lucky person, If anything I have terrible luck. I would never bet on myself... for anything! The stars were somehow aligned for me a few weeks back, I was picked from Fossil in a random drawing, that's how I received this beautiful watch!

  It's insane how complex and interesting this watch is. From first glance, it looks as your standard wrist watch. As my curiosity started wondering around about how to work the watch, I realized that you connect it to its app that it is connected with! My mind was blown. It's the little things in life lol.  Once I synced my watch to the app, I was allowed to pick and choose the different functions for each of the three buttons on the watch. My Fossil watch traces my steps throughout the day, I can take pictures with it, as well as play my music straight from the watch!

Shop the watch I received and ones similar down below!



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