Tuesday, January 3, 2017

101 Things in 1001 Days

I have been recently inspired by Frannie Acciardo’s blog to create my own “101 things in 1001 days” list! Since it is just the beginning of 2017, I figured that creating this list would be in lieu of the typical “New Year's Resolutions” everyone, and myself, seem to make and never meet up to what we promise ourselves! Since this will take a little over two years to complete, these goals and aspirations I have set for myself will make the beginning of my “early adulthood” years a quite thrilling adventure. I’m hopeful that I can achieve as much as I possibly could!

STARTS: January 3, 2017
ENDS: October 1, 2019

  1. Come up with 101 different Ideas (January 1,2017)
  2. Redesign Fabulously Floridan to make it more personal to me (March 2, 2017)
  3. Publish content for every day for one month
  4. Travel Outside of the USA (Bahamas 2017) (1/3)
  5. Visit Nantucket
  6. Find an internship with what I’d love to pursue (Interened at Finn Partners PR Firm Fall 2018)
  7. Move into my first apartment
  8. Partner with a Brand I love
  9. Send snail mail
  10. Take a trip with my best friends (Marco Island, SB 17), (New York City June 2-5 2017)
  11. Go to at least 3 Concerts (3/3) (Tortuga Country Music Festival April 7, 2017), (Milky Chance and Grouplove May 28, 2017) (Chance the Rapper, June 13th 2017)
  12. Meet some of my favorite bloggers/ fashion icons (Sophia Webster, October 2017)
  13. Visit a state i've never been to
  14. Go sailing
  15. Run 5 miles
  16. Spend a day doing whatever my sister Jenna would want to do
  17. Find my daily beauty routine
  18. Find the best skincare products for me
  19. Cook a meal for my family
  20. Try 10 Pinterest Recipes (0/10)
  21. Get a massage
  22. Take a Aerial class
  23. Throw a surprise party
  24. Read 10 books (0/10)
  25. Attend the US open
  26. Register to vote
  27. Keep a journal for one month, write down events of each day
  28. Host a themed brunch
  29. Try a pinterest DIY
  30. Re-do my bedroom
  31. Take a girls trip to NYC with my mom and sister
  32. “Pay it forward” at a coffee shop
  33. Finish getting my boaters licence
  34. Watch the sunrise on the west coast, watch it set in the east
  35. Visit my friends in college (Rachel, UF) (Mary & Juan, Boston University and Boston College.)
  36. Get a job I love (wander shop!)
  37. Give someone a gift for no rhyme or reason
  38. Learn how to scuba dive
  39. Take a picture for everyday of one month
  40. Learn and purchase photoshop
  41. Reach 5,000 followers on Instagram
  42. Learn a new skill/ sport
  43. 5 random acts of kindness
  44. Go to a drive in theater
  45. Collab with another blogger
  46. Try 10 new restaurants
  47. Sleep under the stars
  48. Go to the Keys with Kyle (April 21-23 2017)
  49. Learn Italian
  50. Find the perfect shade of Red lipstick (Kylie Cosmetics, Merry Velvet. Thanks Mooch!)
  51. Go on a “staycation”
  52. Finish a TV series.. (I’m not that big into binge watching) (Stranger Things April 29th)
  53. Do something insanely different to my hair
  54. Get a golden retriever
  55. Travel to St. Johns, Virgin Islands
  56. Be invited to a blogging conference
  57. Drive alone on the highway (embarrassing right)
  58. Hot Yoga
  59. Go Horseback Riding
  60. Start College
  61. Save up and purchase my dream car (‘85 Mercedes)
  62. Invest in a classic, vintage purse
  63. Go to a shooting range
  64. Try every flavor of Lacroix
  65. Complete a yearlong devotional
  66. Take a 24hr detox of technology (Bahamas, January 4th 2017)
  67. By a plane ticket to a random destination
  68. Take myself out on a date
  69. Explore a sunflower field
  70. Volunteer
  71. Inspire someone to make this list
  72. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  73. Finish the Harry Potter Book series
  74. Save $10,000
  75. Create a high school scrapbook for my friends
  76. Sell unwanted items in my closet
  77. Take my dog to the dog beach
  78. Make Macarons from scratch
  79. Have my first house warming party (Or apt. warming)
  80. Go to the Dry Bar
  81. Make Sushi
  82. Buy Rosetta Stone
  83. Watch every Audrey Hepburn Film
  84. Join/ lead various clubs i'm passionate for
  85. Don’t eat out for a month
  86. Go Parasailing
  87. Get a facial
  88. Learn how to properly blow dry my hair
  89. Attend a photography class
  90. Send/ make a care package to send to my friends away at college
  91. Create  “Open When…”  envelopes
  92. Visit Washington D.C
  93. Make an editorial calendar for Fabulously Floridan
  94. Visit 5 museums
  95. Get rid of absolutely everything I don't need
  96. Organize my jewelry
  97. Treat my parents to a day dedicated to them
  98. Create a gallery wall in my room
  99. Drink apple cider vinegar every morning for one week
  100. Host a fundraiser
  101. Complete everything on this list!

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