Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Orange Ya Glad..?

Over the weekend I decided to play the "typical tourist" in my own town.  I visited a landmark which has been apart of my town for over 50 years.  There have so many times I'd drive past the brightly colored building promising myself that I will make a stop.  So, I did just that. The weather was so perfect this weekend, so I drove down the street to check it out and let me say they have the absolute best key lime pie ever! I definitely suggest being a tourist in your own town so you can discover all the history that is literally right in your own back yard! I plan to do this more often and I can't wait to check out everything my town has to offer! 

My Outfit: Pants: J.Crew Factory  Blouse: J.Crew (Old) Earrings: Lauren Conrad Cluster Pearls Shoes: BCBG (Old) Necklace: Kate Spade Statement Necklace (Old) Watch:  Kate Spade



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  1. Such a great idea!



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