Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Survive Your Spring Semester (The Successful way)

Hi everyone!
This week began the start of the second semester for me as well as many other students. The Spring semester is always so difficult, it is usually the time where I just wanna throw in the towel and call it a day. I mean, with spring break and summer coming close, it's hard not for us to mentally "check out" from our responsibilities. But don't you dare think to do that! Dare to strive to do even better then the previous semester. It may seem easier said than done, but hopefully it would become a reality to all of you. I've discovered a few helpful tips to help become a more productive student and also will help with striving to do your very best when finishing out the school year.

Take care of yourself..
Always find some time to get some fresh air and exercise. Okay, okay, this seems like the most cliché saying out there, but I've learned it to be true! As a junior in high school the stress of 11th grade really adds up from balancing all of your schoolwork to making time for your family and friends to everything in between. It almost beings to feel unbearable. This year I vowed I would begin to run, just by getting outside and being active really takes a load off of my responsibilities. Running doesn't have to be your thing but simply going for a walk outside can really relive your stress and make you more focused on what you need to accomplish.

Get a Planner...
Planners have helped me tremendously in becoming more productive and efficient with school. There's so many cute ones to choose from its hard to pick just one! I listed a few of my favorites to help you make your pick. Planners are a definite must in becoming more on track with what you need to do. Another promise I've made to myself in the beginning of the school year is to become more and more organized with what I need to turn in, who I need to meet with, and upcoming club meetings or events. With that being said, these help tremendously with all of that! I love color and I've learned to become a organized person so I enjoy color-coding my assignments so I always know what I need to bring and what I don't. 

Become a Morning Person..
Become a morning person, did I just say that?? Waking up early is something that EVERYONE hates. Especially if you're up all night studying (or trying to study.) I have learned to enjoy waking up early, strangely. To train yourself to start your day in a good mood, play some up-beat music, drink a glass of ice water, make your bed, make a breakfast you enjoy and drink some good coffee! Little things like these will help motivate you to wake up and smell the roses! Waking up in a good mood will set the course of your day of productivity and success. 

Always Find Time for Yourself..
Treat yo self! All of this is obviously extremely important, but you can't get to wrapped up in what you're doing that you don't just give yourself a break! Always make time to do something nice to yourself as a reward for all the hard work you constantly invest in: learn a new recipe, use a bath bomb, spend time with your friends, go shopping! A happy you is a main factor in being productive and finishing strong.

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